Here is how you can subscribe to a life-long membership to WWW.GOOGLAID.NET and to your personal Global Family :

1. Transfer the approximate worth of your earnings of one typical working day

(with a minimum of 1 euro) to the World Wide Watch Organization’s bank account.

(the bank account details will be published here soon)

2. Send us an e-mail in which you tell us who you are :

  1. E-mail address :

  2. Name :

  3. Date of birth :

  4. Full address :

  5. GPS coordinates :

  6. Languages :

  7. Amount of subscription fee transferred :

(a web form will be published here soon)

If you do not have an e-mail address, if you have no means of transferring your subscription fee, or do not know the GPS coordinates of the place where you live,

you should employ the services of a scout who can help you with these.

Soon after your subscription fee has arrived and your credentials have been processed, you (or your scout, who will notify you in turn) will receive an e-mail notification with your personal WWW.GOOGLAID.NET id and password, with which you can log in and start exploring and building your new Global Family.

Success !!!

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