This is the main idea: create your personal global family!

All we need is a method of communication : the Internet will do just fine

and an incentive to get the ball rolling : business profit !

This idea is launched the easy way, packaged as a benevolent pyramid game, and marketed as a T•pp•rw•r• product: those who scout new subscribers and offer services such as subscription, communication, translation, logistics, travel, boarding, or know-how are welcome to make a profit as a reward for their work.

But how are we to finance the core infrastructure for this global family-building process?

Each subscriber contributes the worth of approximately one day’s earnings as a fee, with a minimum of €1, in return for a lifelong global family membership, plus the fee for the scout’s work, if such a scout is required.

Times nearly 7,000,000,000 living people on Earth, and growing with the rate of births: that should be more than enough to cover start-up & working costs, and establish some useful projects too...

Intelligent readers may already see most of the ramifications, and will probably be able to second-guess the strategy needed to make it work, so the Subscribe ! page is all you further need to read in order to become a member.

Highly intelligent readers, however, may want to read the e-Book, to correct my mistakes and misconceptions, and to offer better alternatives for reaching our goal. Because this is only the first awakening of the global family concept.

In there, I offer my personal thoughts about how to develop the idea and make it grow, but I fully realize that once this genie is out of its bottle, very little can be done to control it (at least not by me). And I surely hope nobody attempts to put it back inside.

Thanks, Google, for the opportunity to kick-start this idea.

Success to us all !

Bart Viaene

Taming globalization