When disaster strikes, where do you turn to first, if you are in need of help?

Who is going to support you first when things go wrong?

In order of importance:

  1. 1.You yourself (if you still can)

  2. 2.Your family

  3. 3.Friends, neighbours and relatives

  4. 4.Local assistance groups

  5. 5.Governmental authorities

  6. 6.Non-governmental organizations

  7. 7.When nobody else can help: try praying to God

Note that the most effective help resources are usually those nearest to you!

This scheme works well when the only person in need of help is you yourself…

but what with war, poverty, disease, draughts, floods, famines, epidemics, earthquakes and other natural or man-made disasters, which would also strike those near to you?

In those cases, chances are that the first five on your list are so busy helping and saving themselves, that they have no time or means help you. Number six might arrive very late, when enough media cover the disaster and enough funding has been raised, and number seven is not very dependable either, at short notice (saving miracles).

So what is the solution ?

Taming globalization